Sanctity = ultimate importance

Simply here.

This very moment is safe;

no need to ask thinking or feeling for approval.

Just for right now.

No need for spiritual gymnastics, no struggle;

simply this moment, right now.

No need to run into thinking or feeling.

This open emptiness, right here and now, is being myself.

Simply, I am.

It is the most natural, most often overlooked;

it charges our batteries, inspires the mind and harmonizes our circumstances.

Just here and now.

Playfully, some seconds each hour, if it happens;

neither duty nor survival!

Not as a practice!

You cannot "practice" becoming yourself;

you can only be yourself, right here and now.

Ya but (-;

... is the middle-name of the assumed "me", the separate-self.

Psychological Peace?

Pain is circumstantial;

suffering is attitudinal and can completely drop away.

A theoretical understanding of suffering was fun-damentally helpful for me; but currently the greatest gift is alive human interchange, dedicated to truth and love.

Allowing myself to simply be present without the old hunger to be someone or to gain something.

It requires humility to not habitually defend this erroneous "me" identity!

It takes bravery to welcome every circumstance to expose the "me" that lives only in the echo chambers of thinking and feeling.

The "me" I think and feel myself to be is the root of our suffering and ultimately the cause of all inhumanity on this planet.

It is ridiculous and amazing to see that what we really are and want is always here and now!

Mechanical Peace

Our mind is not a storage unit, but a precious decision-making tool.

In myself it was pain, pride and shame that delayed this simple asking:

To what degree do I create my daily stress and sense of lack?

I, Holger, am available to share and relate my technical know-how regarding productivity and peace of mind in daily living.

I lived the first 33 years in Germany, and now enjoy being in California since 22 years, with our daughter almost 11 years of age.

Without pretense, without claim, more like an impersonal friend, comfortable to allow "I don't know".

Productivity and efficiency aren't dirty words in the presence of love; understanding the nature of mind is key to being practical, to celebrate life, to share.

Feel free to send an email and say hello.

Free heart-felt human interchange,
dedicated to the end of suffering.

Paid one-on-one sessions for self-directed professionals.